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Executive Coaching - The Process

Eileen’s coaching clients benefit from her in-depth business experience, strong belief in people’s ability to grow and pragmatic coaching techniques. Her results-oriented coaching empowers people to be more effective and productive over the long term.

She tailors each coaching program to fit the client’s individual goals, talents, and personal style. There are many openings for coaching assistance, each requiring a different approach. Professionals may need support making the transition from hands-on manager to a strategic leadership role. In other cases, they may face problems adapting to management, cultural or operations changes. Clients may also want to learn better ways to collaborate and get things done across organizational lines.

Clients often hit bumps on the path to their goals. By bringing her resilience and persistence to the process, Eileen helps clients overcome these obstacles and keep a positive outlook.

During the process, clients work with Eileen to:

  • recognize and build on existing strengths and talents;
  • increase their self-awareness, including motivation, core values, and perceptions;
  • view themselves in a strategic and organizational context;
  • increase their understanding of colleagues’ goals and behaviors;
  • explore different options for carrying out their responsibilities; and,
  • practice new behaviors that are better aligned with their overall goals.

To provide a road map for the coaching process, clients work with Eileen to create a plan that identifies strengths and development opportunities. The plan is integrated into the client’s current activities and projects.

What is executive coaching? What does it involve? How can it help professionals meet their goals? These and other questions are answered in Eileen’s executive coaching FAQs.