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Executive Coaching - Approach

Professionals who want to improve their skills in important management areas will find Eileen the perfect match:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Team Building
  • Influence Management (Soft Power)
  • Transitional Coaching
  • Communications

Eileen’s coaching clients benefit from her in-depth business experience, strong belief in people’s ability to grow and pragmatic coaching techniques. Her results-oriented coaching empowers people to be more effective and productive over the long term.

She partners with clients, building a relationship of trust, respect and open communication. Eileen believes that coaching achieves the desired results when the interests of the client, organizational sponsor and coach are aligned. Everyone wins in a successful coaching assignment.

Her mission is to help executives meet their business and professional goals, achieving measurable results long after the coaching engagement. Her approach combines her extensive business and leadership experience with pragmatic coaching techniques. Eileen connects with clients by listening carefully, providing clear feedback, and offering optimistic support throughout the process.

Clients often hit bumps on the path to their goals. By bringing her resilience and persistence to the process, Eileen helps them overcome obstacles and keep a positive outlook.

During the coaching process, clients:

  • View themselves in the “big picture,” charting a course for success guided by Eileen’s strategic vision and systems approach.
  • Jumpstart their development with the help of Eileen’s insights, experience and optimistic support.
  • Change and grow with Eileen as their guide, teacher, role model and cheerleader.

Executives go through a transformational process. It begins with viewing themselves and their situation in new ways, leading to more productive behaviors. Over time, clients use what they have learned to generate added opportunities for professional growth and satisfaction.