Transforming Businesses & Careers
Eileen S. Winterble is a transformative leader who helps private and public sector organizations and individual professionals meet their goals in today’s dynamic, challenging business environment. Her background includes in-depth expertise in the health care industry, which has a pervasive economic and social impact on the nation.
What keeps you up at night?
Health care reform efforts are transforming the business landscape. You’re under pressure to lead your team in developing creative and rapid responses to the challenges.

How do you focus and motivate your team for success?

You’re overdue for a promotion, but senior management has questioned your ability to think strategically.

How do you improve your strategic skills and effectively communicate up the organizational chart?

You chair a mid-sized nonprofit. The long-time CEO is retiring without a successor in the wings.

How do you take advantage of the change in leadership to revitalize the organization for future growth?

Eileen partners with clients to turn their challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Eileen’s strategic vision and systems approach help clients to view themselves in the “big picture,” charting a course for success.
Eileen’s insights, experience and optimistic support help clients jumpstart the change process.
Eileen helps clients change and grow. She is their guide, teacher, role model and cheerleader.

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