About Eileen S. Winterble
Healthcare Expertise



Eileen S. Winterble has spent her professional life transforming organizations and careers.

She is a strategist, catalyst and coach with exceptional expertise in leading major change efforts and building cohesive teams in complex economic environments. She has served as a top executive in the private and public sectors and has a strong background in health care.

Executive Coach

Eileen’s coaching clients benefit from her in-depth business experience, strong belief in people’s ability to grow and pragmatic coaching techniques. Her results-oriented coaching empowers people to be more effective and productive over the long term.

Eileen partners with clients, building a relationship of trust, respect and open communication. She believes that coaching achieves the desired results when the interests of the client, organizational sponsor and coach are aligned. Everyone wins in a successful coaching assignment.

Interim CEO

Eileen is the perfect choice when a nonprofit founder or long-term leader retires or leaves without a successor in the wings. She can quickly jump in to provide stability and a fresh, objective viewpoint for the organization.

She is a transformative leader with expertise, skills and wisdom — a prerequisite for guiding a nonprofit through the crucial transition period. She has the unique capability to strike the delicate balance between hard-edged business sense and deep understanding of the mission-driven culture — elements required for long-term nonprofit success.